(February 11, 2010) – In 1988, Canadian ice dancer, and Port Moody native, Tracy Wilson marched into the Olympic stadium in Calgary with her partner Rob McCall.  The two became the first Canadians to medal in Ice Dance, winning a bronze medal at the last Olympic Winter Games held in Canada.  The two combined very different styles and personalities, yet they created a team that produced a supercharged on-ice chemistry. They dominated the Canadian ice dance scene for seven years, taking seven consecutive national titles from 1982-1988 and were World bronze medalists from 1986 to 1988.  Before Rob’s death in 1991, the two continued to entertain audiences around the world.  Now a highly respected TV commentator, Tracy will be working in broadcasting at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, after carrying the Olympic torch in Burnaby on February 11th.

Also carrying the torch on the 11th, just one day before opening ceremonies is another ice dancer, Lauren Senft.  The North Vancouver native skated with several partners in her career, and most successfully with Leif Gislason.   The two were the 2004 Canadian junior national silver medalists and skated together until 2007.  Lauren retired from competitive skating in 2008 but continues to be involved in the sport. She is the Athlete Representative on Skate Canada’s Board of Directors.  She also will carry the Olympic torch today.

Tracy Wilson / Rob McCall Lauren Senft / Leif Gislason
Tracy Wilson / Rob McCall
Lauren Senft / Leif Gislason
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