As part of Skate Canada’s ongoing commitment to bring skating to all Canadians and beyond – we recently embarked on a pilot project to help you understand the new ISU Judging System. The first installment, which came out last week Scoring 101, provided the four steps to help you understand how a Judge arrives at a Total Score. This week’s lesson will focus on a specific part of the scoring system, the Grade of Execution mark.

Before we talk about the GOE, let’s review what is so great about this new scoring system.  Most importantly, it doesn’t change how the sport we all love actually looks! We are seeing an increased emphasis on spins, footwork, connecting steps – Hooray!  Judges now focus exclusively on quality (because the Technical Panel establishes this based on the predetermined Scale of Values – remember this from Scoring 101!?!).  It empowers athletes to be more in control of their score, allows coaches to be more strategic in planning the program and helps competitors measure their progress against their own personal best scores.

Now back to today’s lesson………

The GOE is the number that tells the skater, audience and Data Specialists (who calculate the Final Score) how well the element was executed.

Each element has a base value (you can check these out in our Scoring Skate Bag.  Once the base value is established, the GOE can change this depending on how well or how poorly it was skated using a scale of +3 for perfection to -3 points for a dud!

Remember this group?  They determine the GOE

While the GOE is more subjective in measurement, the averaging of all the Judge’s GOE scores helps the athletes later understand exactly which elements they can improve on.


Go to and watch some clips.  Then go into our Scoring Skate Bag and try to pick out the elements you watched.  What was the element worth?  Did they do anything to increase the element score with exceptionally good quality? Was it higher or faster than usual, did it cover more ice, or was it slow and off balance?

Coming soon, it will be your turn to score the events – let’s see how well you studied!  We will provide you with some of the top international scores from the season (no surprise Canadians are in there!) so you have some idea of what the top marks are right now.  Then using the Scoring Skate Bag, you can fill in the points values of all the elements that are performed by adding the base value from the Scale of Values and assigning each a GOE! Whether you’re watching from the comfort of your living room, your computer using front and centre at the event if you can join our skaters in Los Angeles, CA. - get into the action!

Should you have any questions about Skate Canada’s new Scoring series, please email us at

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