February 4, 2009

The Eyes Have It

By: Pj Kwong

The connection between what we see on television and how we see the skaters started me thinking about the fact that the look in a skater’s eyes tells it all.

Moments like the look in Korea’s two-time world bronze medalist’s Yu-Na Kim’s eyes as she surpassed her own all-time personal best score to take the lead in the ladies short program.  The look in Brian Orser’s “coaching” eyes as he followed Yu-Na’s every move, in effect almost skating the program with her from behind the boards. The look in some Canadian fans’ eyes as they acknowledged the wonderful  performances from both Canada’s champion, Joannie Rochette who sits in second place and Cynthia Phaneuf who, with a personal best in the short program, ended up in third.

Canada’s pair champions, Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison looked into each other’s eyes at the end of their very strong short program in a way that conveyed the magic we had just witnessed and the essential closeness of the pair relationship.

The look that Canada’s defending Four Continents’ dance champions, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir shared at the conclusion of their winning compulsory dance spoke to renewed confidence and another hurdle overcome on the trail back to health.  Tessa and Scott are in their first international competition of the season and only their second competition overall as they sat out the fall while Tessa recovered from surgery.

While you’re watching skating pay special attention to the skaters on warm-up as the look in their eyes can alternate between terror and confidence.  Notice the skaters’ look as they leave their coach at the boards to skate their program, which runs the gamut from hysterical to determined. Watch again as they hit the ‘kiss n’ cry’ after the skate, the range is from joy to devastation in their eyes.  A fascinating study of the human spirit.

I will be back with lots more from the rink tomorrow as it’s All Eyes on Skating from here in Vancouver. I want to remind you that for those of you new to Artistry, check out the website and make use of the 15% discount they are offering first time customers so you can make your eyes say it all too.

As always, you can reach me at pjkwong@skatecanada.ca.


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