(November 10, 2008) – Why is Skate Canada so excited about this year’s competitive season?  It could be that the Canadian team is off to an impressive start, or that our coaches are winning award after award?  Yes, these things are true, but in addition to all this greatness appears the Skate Bug! This little critter is not the kind you want to hit with a newspaper, but rather the kind that whispers secrets in your ear!  Attendees of the HomeSense Skate Canada International, October 30-November 2, 2008 were treated to the official launch of the Skate Bug, an individual device worn on one ear which provides live commentary of the event! 

Last weekend’s commentators featured skating legends Elizabeth Manley and Kurt Browning, the recently retired World Champion Jeff Buttle and former skaters (all now part of the Skate Canada team) Mike Slipchuk, Norm Proft, Debbi Wilkes and CEO William Thompson.  Their commentary ranged from explanations of technical elements and scoring, to insight as to how the athletes feel before they hit the ice and even trivia from years past!  

“I absolutely loved the Skate Bug, it married the excitement of the live skating with the understanding of what was actually happening on the ice. Before I could only hear live commentary at home,” said one excited fan. 

Those wearing the Skate Bugs could be seen nodding their heads and at times roaring with laughter as their viewing experience became heightened.

The Skate Bugs are here to stay and are reusable!  If you haven’t purchased one yet, they will be available on-site at events through the Skate Canada boutique for $20 + applicable taxes.  If you’ve purchased one already, be sure to tune in on-site at BMO Canadians in Saskatoon Sask. January 14-18, 2009 and enjoy!

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