Outline of NCC Events

Updated May 7, 2013

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Conference Package Pick-up

Wednesday, June 5, 2013: 15:00 to 19:30
Thursday, June 6, 2013: 14:00 to 19:30
Friday, June 7, 2013: 07:00 to 08:30 and 16:15 to 17:30

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2013 CanSkate Coach University Program – Day 1
Time: 08:00 - 18:00 In-class sessions
Location: Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel

The CanSkate Coach University program (CSCUP) is an intensive training program that provides professional development opportunities for Skate Canada professional coaches who have demonstrated the ability to deliver a high-quality CanSkate program and are interested in expanding their knowledge and expertise.

Coaches must apply and are selected to attend this two-day training program that runs in conjunction with the 2013 National Coaches’ Conference (NCC) in Ottawa, Ontario. The CanSkate Coach University program (CSCUP) encourages active participation and the use of situational examples to have coaches explore the specific needs and challenges they face in their CanSkate programs.  Consisting of a series of on and off-ice sessions on the new CanSkate program, the CSCUP will be delivered by Skate Canada’s CanSkate expert, Monica Lockie.

This two day intense program begins on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 with participants contributing to discussions and scenario based learning modules where they will explore the new CanSkate program and best practices for coaching at this level. Coaches will build a CanSkate music playlist as well as the format and circuits to be used during the live CanSkate session, which concludes the CSCUP on Wednesday afternoon June 5 at the Carleton University Icehouse. This session will be an opportunity for the selected coaches to put what they have learned into action with a group of 30 – 40 CanSkaters.

The coaches selected for the CSCUP will be provided with an opportunity to attend the NCC and ACGM workshops at a reduced rate. This includes the coaches’ dinner on Wednesday, June 5 where coaches will be treated to Elizabeth Manley as the guest speaker.  This is a great opportunity for coaches from all across the country to network and share best practices with each other. Keep your eyes open for next year’s program!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2013 CanSkate Coach University Program – Day 2
Time: 08:00 - 18:30 In-class sessions
Location: Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel

NCCP Level 4 Task #4: Nutrition for Optimal Performance
Time: 09:00 - 18:00
Location: Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel
Presenter: Elizabeth Mansfield, MSc, RD

Design, implement and evaluate nutritional strategies aimed at optimizing your athlete’s performance in training and competition.  Plan competition meals, carry out nutritional assessments, adapt meals during travel, integrate nutrition within your yearly plan and manage special situations related to an athletes’ nutrition.

Pre-registration is required for this task. Contact Heather McMahon at 1.888.747.2372 extension 2504 to register.

Elizabeth Mansfield is a Registered Dietitian, CSEP-Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist and sport nutrition specialist, Beth has a Master’s degree in the combined fields of clinical nutrition, exercise physiology and lipid biochemistry. She is a Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology Certified Exercise Physiologist, and an American College of Sports Medicine Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.

National Coaches’ Conference Opening & Dinner with Guest Speaker Elizabeth Manley
Time: 19:00 - 19:30 Reception
19:30 - 22:00 Dinner
Location: Delta Ottawa City Centre – Grand Salon
This dinner is included in the NCC package

Join us for a reception and dinner with Olympic silver medalist and three time Canadian champion, Elizabeth Manley. A thrilling highlight in Canadian figure skating history, Elizabeth will share her incredible story with us.

Elizabeth Manley is the 1988 Olympic Silver Medalist and Olympic Freestyle Champion, and the winner of more than 50 national and international medals in her long and successful career. Now focused on speaking, coaching and charitable interests, Liz is a recipient of The Royal Order of Canada, and the author of two autobiographies: Thumbs Up-The Elizabeth Manley Story and Elizabeth Manley - As I Am: My Life after the Olympics.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

National Coaches’ Conference Workshop Program
Time: 07:45 - 16:30
Location: Carleton University – Ice House
Bus departs from the entrance of the Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel at 07:15.

Workshop Schedule & Descriptions

Spin/Jump Technique
Christy Krall
Synchronized Skating
Cathy Dalton
Off-Ice Training
Darlene Joseph & Stefanie Partridge
Spin/Jump Technique
Lyndon Johnston
Pasquale Camerlengo
Skill Analysis
Technique & Resources
Christy Krall
LUNCH (provided)
Spin/Jump Technique
Christy Krall
Pair Skating
Lyndon Johnston
Coaching Effectiveness
Tools at Your Fingertips
Dr. Patricia Chafe
Stroking & Skating Skills
Darlene Joseph
Ice Dance
Pasquale Camerlengo
Mental Excellence for
Optimal Performance
Dr. Terry Orlick
CanSkate Live!

Spin/Jump Technique with Christy Krall and Lyndon Johnston
World-renowned coaches will share various techniques and tricks for quality jumps and spins in singles and pair skating. Each presenter will offer unique tips for you to carry forward to your athletes.

Synchronized Skating with Cathy Dalton
The ability to perform in unison requires strong fundamental skills. Come learn valuable information to help improve your team’s power, style, edge quality, unison and program components score with Cathy, a Skate Canada and ISU Technical Specialist.

Off-Ice Training with Darlene Joseph and Stefanie Partridge
Developing strength, power, technique, and flexibility is important for figure skating athletes. Whether your athletes are training for competition or purely enjoying movement on ice, this dynamic duo will lead exercises and share tips for strength and conditioning training to increase power, fitness and prevent injury.

Choreography with Pasquale Camerlengo
Come learn what former Italian Ice Dance champion now World and Olympic choreographer and dance coach has to offer. Pasquale has choreographed numerous programs in singles and ice dance and will highlight the must-haves to design creative yet unique programs for your skaters.

Skills Analysis - Technique & Resources with Christy Krall
Reputed to be one of the finest technical coaches in the world, Christy has gained both domestic and international recognition for her superior Dartfish computer technological expertise. Join Christy’s workshop and learn some of her finest tricks to detect and correct skills properly.

Stroking & Skating Skills with Darlene Joseph
Emphasizing power and strength, this workshop promises to increase your heartbeat! Focusing on proper stroking technique and overall quality skating skills, Darlene an NCCP Level 5 certified coach who strives to bring out the very best in her athletes, will share innovative tips for teaching strong basics, quality edges and active stroking sessions.

Pair Skating with Lyndon Johnston
Pair skating continues to be a spectacular discipline in figure skating. Similar to singles, this technical workshop will give you tips to help refine and improve pair skating elements. Lyndon, World silver medalist and former Olympic athlete is now a successful coach in Canada and the United States.

Coaching Effectiveness – Tools at your Fingertips with Dr. Patricia Chafe
Offering a unique opportunity for coaches to explore the risk vs. reward balance in creating competitive skating programs, Balanced Edge is an online service designed to help find balance and achieve optimal performance. Learn it all and more with Patricia. Helping you and your athletes “think outside the box” and achieve personal excellence is what she does best.

Ice Dance with Pasquale Camerlengo
Take part in this dynamic workshop where World and Olympic coach, Pasquale Camerlengo will highlight the basic principles and techniques of ice dance to aspiring coaches. Come learn tips on how to build your skater’s ability to perform quality edges and turns on a set pattern using different musical tempos. Other topics will include tips for effective ice utilization, variation of technique and style for dance programs at all levels.

Mental Excellence for Optimal Performance with Dr. Terry Orlick
In this workshop, world-renowned sport psychologist Dr. Terry Orlick will address two key areas of performance excellence – coach mental readiness and athlete mental readiness.


· Uncover behaviours, attitudes and patterns that prevent athletes from performing their best and help athletes learn more effective mental training strategies to help your athletes achieve optimal performance in training and competition.

· Become more aware of your own attitudes, perceptions, focusing patterns, communication skills and stress management routines in training, competitions and everyday life situations.


CanSkate Live
Time: 15:30 – 16:30
Location: Carleton University – Ice House

Back by popular demand; all ACGM & NCC participants will have an opportunity to come and watch the new CanSkate program in action with local skaters and coaches. This high-energy 45-minute session will be filled with action packed movement, upbeat music, colourful signage and much more. The perfect opportunity to see the new CanSkate program live awaits you!

Non-NCC participants will be bused to the Ice House at Carleton University.

Convention Opening – The Journey to 2014! *

Time: 19:30 - 23:00
Location: National Arts Centre
Buses will begin departing from the hotel lobby at 19:00
Cost: $20.00

The recent announcement that Ottawa will host the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Figure Skating Championships (Canadian Tire National Figure Skating Championships) in January 2014 provides an unprecedented opportunity to attend a rare Canadian heritage event in Canada’s capital. The first official Canadian Championships were held at Ottawa’s Minto Club in 1914 and now, 100 years later, the event will return to its roots.

In anticipation of this historic competition, this year’s ACGM Opening will launch the 100th celebrations on the rooftop of the National Art Centre. With a panoramic view of Parliament, the Chateau Laurier, downtown Ottawa and the Rideau Canal, the skating family will be the first to hear Skate Canada’s cross country plans to engage your club, your members and your community in the 100th celebrations. Meet and mingle with very special guests, enjoy cocktails and canapés and share in the glory of skating’s success.

Canada has provided leaders and innovators in the progression and advancement of skating both on and off the ice but at the core of our skating heritage is the passion to get out on the ice and skate. Whether it’s on the Rideau Canal or back in your own local rink, with your help, the journey to 2014 and beyond will be thrilling!

Join us at the Opening to find out more!

The cost for this event is $20 and tickets must be purchased by 16:30 ET, Friday, May 17, 2013.

Friday, June 7, 2013 (revised)

ACGM Workshop Program
Time: 08:00 - 16:15
Location: Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel

Workshop Schedule & Descriptions

Although workshops are designed with clubs, sections and coaches in mind, participants are not limited to one stream. Select any of the workshops which are of interest to you.

Simultaneous Translation
Concussion Awareness
Social Media
The New CanSkate – Coaches Getting Organized
Positive and Fully Connected Focus Training for Skaters
Club Boards and Risk Management
LUNCH (on own)
Skate Canada Board Governance
Club Boards and Risk Management
Positive and Balanced Focus Training for Coaches, Parents, Officials & Club Volunteers
The New CanSkate – Clubs Getting Organized
CanSkate – Getting Organized
Using Conflict to Benefit You and Your Skating Club
STARSkate – Revised Skating Skills and Pilot Update
Ice Dance: Extreme Make-Over
STARSkate – Revised Skating Skills and Pilot Update

Meet your Skate Canada Board Member Candidates – This is an opportunity to learn more about the candidates who are standing for election to the Skate Canada Board of Directors. All of the candidates will be present to speak to the delegates, to present their ideas for leading Skate Canada and to take your questions prior to the voting at the AGM.

Concussion Awareness – Presented by Dr. Kristian Goulet
With recent history demonstrating the potential serious and long-term impact of head injuries in sport, it is vital for those involved in ice sport to be aware of the adverse effects of concussions. Dr. Kristian Goulet, the Medical Director for the Eastern Ontario Concussion Clinic and the Pediatric Sports Medicine Clinic of Ottawa, will review the causes, effects, management, treatment and prevention of sports-related head injury and concussion. Dr. Goulet has trained under some of the best in the concussion field at the Concussion Clinic at the Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard University. Dr. Goulet was also the Clinical Supervisor of the Concussion Education Program at the Sports Legacy Institute at Boston University and will discuss the effects of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (permanent brain damage linked to multiple concussions).

Social Media – Presented by Barb MacDonald and Emma Bowie
We live in a new media world where the news doesn’t stop at 6 p.m. anymore, and deadlines on stories run on a 24-hour clock. Welcome to the social media era!  As the world tries to keep up with technology, so do the media who lead the norm on the cycle of information. The introduction of such social media platforms as Twitter and Facebook allow people to stay informed 24-7. The quickly shifting way of traditional communication is becoming a second to the powerhouse that social media has become. Public, private and not-for-profit sectors are increasingly turning to social media as a new way of doing business and as a model for learning and collaboration within organizations. Learn how to manage your time and be as effective as possible while communicating your message clearly to the public.

The New CanSkate – Coaches Getting Organized – Presented by Monica Lockie, Meredith Warner and Donna King
With the soft-launch having taken place in September 2012, and over 2000 coaches having completed the CanSkate Coach Online Module the new CanSkate program is gaining momentum by the day!  Join us for a re-cap of season one and how our coaches are operating the new program, what they are learning and how our skaters are benefiting.  We will review tips and strategies on getting organized on the ice to prepare for the official launch across the country, as well as testimonials from those clubs and coaches who needed to see it to believe it.  September 2014 here we come!

Positive and Fully Connected Focus Training for Skaters – Presented by Dr. Terry Orlick
World-renowned sport psychologist Dr. Terry Orlick will present this workshop, centering on practical ways that coaches can teach skaters at different performance levels to focus in Positive and Fully Connected Ways for their training sessions and their competitions.  This includes helping your skaters develop and refine effective Pre-Practice and Pre-Competition Focusing Plans, Pre-Practice and Pre- Competition Refocusing Plans, within Practice and within Competition Focusing and Refocusing Plans and Focused Debriefs (Focused Performance Evaluations) to continue to draw out important lessons from practices and competitions for ongoing improvement. The goal of Fully Connected Focus training for skaters is to teach them essential focusing skills that are required to perform at or close to their potential on a consistent basis. The goal of Positive Focus training is to help skaters continue to believe in themselves and their capabilities and to keep the joy in the pursuit. Participants in this workshop will be given the opportunity to ask Terry specific questions related to this topic and to also share personal experiences and challenges.

Club Boards and Risk Management - Presented by Dina Bell-Laroche
This workshop is designed to share latest management practices in the areas of sport club governance, risk management, and management by values. Facilitated by Dina Bell-Laroche, a respected and well-known sport management consultant from the Sport Law & Strategy Group, participants will learn about some of the latest developments in managing risks, good governance, and a values-based approach to managing people in non-profit organizations.

The New CanSkate – Clubs Getting Organized - Presented by Monica Lockie, Meredith Warner and Donna King
With the soft-launch having taken place in September 2012, the new CanSkate program is gaining momentum by the day!  Join us for a re-cap of season one how our clubs are operating the new program, what they are learning and how our skaters are benefiting.  We will review tips and strategies on getting organized off the ice and getting ready for the big day when we officially launch CanSkate across the country, as well as testimonials from those clubs and coaches who needed to see it to believe it.  September 2014 here we come!

Positive and Balanced Focus Training For Coaches, Parents, Officials & Club Volunteers – Presented by Dr. Terry Orlick
Presented by world-renowned sport psychologist Dr. Terry Orlick, this workshop will center on YOU - on practical ways that you as coaches, parents, volunteers, officials and other members of the support staff can remain positive, avoid overload and keep some level of balance in your own lives.  This includes coming up with a personal plan to reduce the unnecessary stress (or energy drains) so that you are feeling Positive and Fully Connected.  You will be given an opportunity to share your individual and collective wisdom on how to enhance the quality, joyfulness and balance in your own life including how to deal more effectively with stress, pressure situations, distractions, juggling your skating commitments, professional and personal lives. This workshop will explore various coping mechanisms, focusing plans, recovery plans, personal success strategies, redefining priorities so that we keep the joy in the pursuit and we don’t lose ourselves or our greatest assets as a strong, knowledgeable and passionate skating community.

Skate Canada Board Governance – Presented by Don Cummings
A Board of Directors is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the organization on behalf of its stakeholders.  For a member-based organization like Skate Canada, this strategic direction and key governance related decisions need to be made with an understanding of the collective members’ perspectives.   The structure and process by which the Board obtains member insight and provides strategic direction to the Association is achieved through good governance structure and process.  Understanding these ideas and concepts is the key objective of the Governance Orientation Session.  Over the past several months, the Skate Canada Board has been working on examining and refining its current governance structure and processes.  This session will provide an opportunity to communicate with the Membership regarding how the Board is operating to fulfill its governance responsibilities and provide an opportunity to address questions relating to this work.

Using Conflict to Benefit You and Your Skating Club – Presented by Dr. Teresa Janz
Whether you are a club member, section board member or administrator, you work with all types of people. In the skating world this can include coaching staff, community members, volunteers, skaters and parents. Differences of opinion and conflicts are bound to happen. This workshop investigates conflict and “difficult personalities” to help you understand how you can use conflict to promote positive change.

There will be opportunities to:

·  explore typical barriers to resolving issues;

·  understand how to get to the root of the issues;

·  practice effective and active listening to enhance relationships and diffuse escalating emotion and;

·  practice assertive communication to get your point across respectfully.

Scenarios and role-plays from skating clubs will be used to enhance our understanding of how to respond to real situations.

STARSkate – Revised Skating Skills and Pilot Report – Presented by Monica Lockie and Dr. Patricia Chafe
The new components of the STARSkate program’s Learn to Train phase continue to be piloted at several clubs across the country including new Pre-Preliminary Free Skating and Dance tests, and revised Preliminary and Junior Bronze tests PLUS the exciting competition pilot for these levels. Join us for an update how these pilots are progressing as well as more information on the revised Skating Skills Program.

Ice Dance – Extreme Make-Over – Presented by Allie Hann and Michael Coreno
Former ice dance national team and world competitors turned coaching duo, Michael Coreno and Allie Hann have been very active in promoting ice dance at the grass roots level.  They will relay their experiences with various initiatives they have been involved with over this past season, including Skate Canada’s pattern dance contemporary music pilot, the Skate Canada solo dance pilot project and one of their own initiatives called S.P.A.R.K!  Come and learn from these two very creative coaches how to encourage and promote ice dance in your club and section and to keep STARSkaters engaged with new and fun twists to traditional ice dance.  New information on Skate Canada’s contemporary music for pattern dances will also be presented.

Workshop Participants Contest
All ACGM or NCC workshop participants will have a chance to win two all-event tickets to the 2014 Canadian Tire National Figure Skating Championships, compliments of Skate Canada. A draw will be held on Saturday during the AGM.

Achievement Awards Gala & Banquet – You Must Remember This!*

Time: 19:00 – 19:30 Reception
19:30 – 23:00 Gala & Banquet
Location: Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel – Grand Ballroom
Cost: $85.00 (includes dinner)
Dress: Formal / Black tie optional

The skills that took all of our Legends to the top of their sport were identified and nurtured at the community rink and at the local skating club where coaches and volunteers passed along their passion for skating and inspired gangly beginners to dream of greatness.

At our Volunteer Awards Gala and Hall of Fame Induction we will celebrate the work of those volunteers and the undying spirit they have contributed to our sport. Each one has made a difference to the champions whose careers have produced some unforgettable performances.

Come as we share some of the greatest moments in skating with many of skating’s greatest ambassadors – our volunteers.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Annual General Meeting
Time: 9:00 – 15:00
Location: Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel – Grand Ballroom

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an opportunity for members of the Association to participate in discussions surrounding rule amendments and to direct questions to appropriate stakeholders within the Association.  The AGM provides delegates the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process of Skate Canada.  Elections to the Skate Canada Board of Directors will take place during this meeting as well delegates will receive informative presentations relevant to the Association’s direction.  Come and participate in the AGM and help drive the future of our sport.  This year’s AGM is a historic one as we will be celebrating the 100th Annual General Meeting of the Association.  Come and be part as Skate Canada continues to make New History.

*These activities are not included in the convention packages and must be purchased separately. All convention and conference packages and social tickets must be purchased by 16:30 ET, Friday, May 17, 2013. No tickets or packages will be sold after this date.

Dine Around Opportunities
Participants will have an opportunity to spend Saturday afternoon and evening exploring Ottawa. If you are looking for an exceptional dining experience, a list with a variety of recommended dining locations and their websites has been compiled for you.


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