Support the Athlete Fund

The Skate Canada Athlete Fund provides support through a number of grants to athletes at various stages of development and competitive levels as part of the pursuit of competitive excellence. Your support aids our athletes in the pursuit of their goals by providing funding for international travel, training grants and scholarships. If you are interested in supporting the Skate Canada Athlete Fund, print off a donation form to send to the Skate Canada national office with your donation. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation. The athletes appreciate your support!



YES, I would like to support Canadian Athletes.

Enclosed is my donation in the amount of $__________________

Athlete Fund "Dedicated to the financial assistance in the development of future Canadian World and Olympic Champions"

Hall of Fame "Dedicated to preserving and honouring individuals' outstanding contributions to Canada's skating heritage"

In memory of: _______________________________________

Please send an official tax receipt to:

Name: _______________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________
City/Province: _______________________________________________________
Postal Code: _______________________________________________________

Please make cheque payable to the Skate Canada Athlete Fund or Skate Canada Hall of Fame and send with this form to:

Skate Canada 865 Shefford Road  Ottawa, Ontario K1J 1H9



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