Competitions 2013/2014

Buffalo International Skating Competition March 21-23, 2014


Aleksandra Pascoe – Basic Skills 3 1st, Beginner Comp Moves 3rd, Beginner Spins 5th, Beginner Jumps 6th

Alexia Assimakopoulos – Compulsory Moves 2nd, Prelim Jumps 4th, Pre-Juv Spins 6th, Free Skate Prelim Test 2nd, Music Interpretation 3 2nd

Alyssa Marino – Free Skate Juvenile Test 1st, Pre-Juv Jumps 1st, Juv Comp Moves 3rd, Juv Spins 5th, Music Interpretation 4 5th

Ashlyn Fehr – Freeskate High Beginner Test Track 6th, High Beginner Comp Moves 2nd, Beginner Spins 3rd, Beginner Jumps 1st

Bailea Watt – Free Skate Inter Test 7th, Inter Spins 3rd, Interm Comp Moves 2nd

Brianne Sloggett – Beginner Comp Moves 4th, Beginner Spins 3rd

Cameron Kipp – Prelim Compulsory Moves 6th, Prelim Jumps 2nd, Pre-Juv Spins 4th, Free Skate Prelim Test Track 3rd, Music Interpretation 3 5th

Daniela Roberto – Pre-Preliminary Spins 8th, Pre-Prelim Comp Moves 8th, Free Skate Prelim Test Track 1st, Pre-Prelim Jumps 4th, Music Interpretation 1 3rd

Danielle Lavigne – Free Skate Inter Test 6th, Interm Comp Moves 4th

Elyse Croteau – Free Skate Juvenile Test 4th, Pre-Juv Jumps 4th, Juv Comp Moves 7th, Juv Spins 4th, Music Interpretation 4 3rd

Emily Leitch – Beginner Comp Moves 4th, Beginner Spins 6th , Beginner Jumps 7th

Gwen Gibson (NCS) – Free Skate Pre- Juvenile 4th, Pre-Juv Jumps 1st

Holly Ferron- Prelim Jumps 7th, Free Skate Prelim Test Track 7th, Compulsary Moves 6th, Prelim Spins 4th

Kaitlyn Blackwood – High Beginner Track 9th, No test Comp Moves 6th, Beginner Spins 6th, Beginner Jumps 6th

Kasandra Mitrovic – Prelim Compulsory Moves 3rd, Prelim Spins 4th, Prelim Jumps 3rd, Free Skate Prelim Test Track 4th

Kassie Koberstadt – Interm Spins 2nd, Interm Comp Moves 3rd, Interm Jumps 2nd

Kaylee Ellwood – Compulsory Moves 5th, Prelim Spins 6th, Prelim Jumps 6th, Free Skate Prelim Test Track 6th

Jordon Pachnosky – Freeskate Open Juvenile Test 4th, Pre-Juv Jumps 4th

Julianna Mihelic – Preliminary Compulsory Moves 5th, Preliminary Jumps 2nd, Pre-Juv Spins 3rd, Free Skate Prelim Test 3rd Music Interpretation 3 4th

Lauren Cameron – Freeskate Beginner Test Track 5th, Beginner Jumps 2nd

Maggie Sainty – Juvenile Spins 5th, Prejuv/Juvenile Footwork 2nd, Music Interpretation 4 4th

Natalie Rupp – Pre-Preliminary Spins 7th, Pre-Prelim Comp Moves 8th, Pre-Prelim Jumps 4th

Olivia Fragnito – Free Skate High Beginner Test Track 2nd, High Beginner Comp Moves 4th, Beginner Spins 4th, Beginner Jumps 3rd

Sahsa Mainard – Free Skate High Beginner Test Track 7th, High Beginner Comp Moves 5th, Beginner Spins 5th, Beginner Jumps 4th, Music Interpretation 1 9th

Victoria Mainard – Basic Skills 2 1st, Beginner Comp Moves 1st, Beginner Spins 4th

Futures East, Dofasco, March 1-2, 2014


Brianne Sloggett - CANSkate Stage 5

Emily Leitch - CANskate Stage 4

Abby Romak - CANSkate Stage 4 - Gold

Victoria Mainard - CANSkate Stage 4 - Bronze

Ava Wrestler - CANSkate Stage 4 - 

Alexandre Mainard - CANSkate Stage 4 - Silver 

Ashlyn Fehr - WO Intro Restricted - Silver

Aleksandra Pasco - WO Intro Restricted

Lauren Cameron - WO Intro Restricted - Bronze 

Olivia Fragnito - WO Intro Restricted - Silver 

Kaitlyn Blackwood - WO Intro Restricted

Cameron Kipp - Pre-Preliminary STARSkate - Silver

Daniella Roberto - Pre-Preliminary STARSkate

Julianna Mihelic - Preliminary STARSkate

Alexia Assimakopoulos - Preliminary STARSkate

Serena Siciliano - Pre-Preliminary STARSkate Restricted

Kaylee Ellwood - Preliminary STARSkate Restricted

Kasandra Mitrovic - Preliminary STARSkate Restricted

Holly Ferron - Preliminary STARSkate Restricted

STARSkate Championships, Caledonia, February 21 - 23, 2014


Cameron Kipp - WO Development Intro - Silver Medal

Daniella Roberto - Pre-Preliminary STARSkate

Alexia Assimakoupolos - Preliminary STARSkate

Elyse Croteau - Junior Bronze STARSkate

Alyssa Marino - Junior Bronze STARSkate

Gwen Gibson - Junior Bronze STARSkate (NSC Home Club)

Danielle Lavigne - Senior Bronze STARSkate

Bailea Watt - Senior Bronze STARSkate



Dennis Silverthorne, St. Thomas, Feb 7-9, 2014


Alexia Assimakoupolos - WO Development Level 1 

Alyssa Mario - Junior Bronze Starskate 

Elyse Croteau - Junior Bronze Starskate - Bronze Medal

Gwen Gibson - Junior Bronze Starskate (Niagara SC home club) 

Charles Dover Invitational, Grimsby, January 3 - 5, 2014


Alexia Assimakopoulos - WO Development Level 2

Daniella Roberto - WO Pre-Preliminary - Gold Medal

Kaylee Ellwood - WO Preliminary 

Kasandra Mitrovic -WO Preliminary

Holly Ferron - WO Preliminary

Cameron Kipp - STARSkate Pre-Preliminary - Gold Medal

Elyse Croteau - STARSkate Junior Bronze - Gold Medal

Gwen Gibson - STARSkate Junior Bronze (Niagara Centre Skating Club)

Danielle Lavigne - STARSkate Junior Bronze - Bronze Medal

John McKay Invitational, Tillsonburg, November 22-24, 2013


Elyse Croteau - STARSkate Junior Bronze

Alyssa Marino - STARSkate Junior Bronze

Julianna Mihelic - WO Preliminary 

Cameron Kipp - STARSkate Pre-Preliminary


~to all of our NFSA skaters who compete this year!

Congratulations also go out to our 'Out of Club' skating friends who also train at our club (Niagara Skate Centre, NOTL and Thorold).  If you wish to be included in our listings please email us with your info nfsawebchair@gmail.com.  We would love to include you!



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