Professional Coaches

Tracey Breedon  
$10.00 per 15 min
25+ years of coaching experience,  Coaching Diploma from Seneca College,  NCCP Level 2 Certified,  NCCP Level 3 Technical, NCCP Level 2 Pairs, Certified CanPowerSkate
Available Sun, Mon, Wed & Thur  
Sindy Chapman
$10.00 per 15 min
25+ Years of coaching experience, NCCP Level 2 Certified, Gold Skills, Gold Freeskate, Novice Competitive
 Available Wed & Thur
Cristalle Cranfield
$9.50 per 15min
7 years coaching experience, NCCP level 2 certified, Gold Freeskate, Gold Skills, Gold Interpretive Dance, Gold Interpretive, Diamond Dance, Junior Competitive Freeskate
Available Sundays, Wed and Fridays
Dawn Gallardi
  35+ years of skating experience, NCCP Level 2 Certified, NCCP Level 3 Technical & Theory, NCCP Level 2 Synchro Skating, Triple Gold Medalist, Junior Competitive, Silver Medalist, Certified CanPowerSkate Coach, and Choreographer
Nancy Gruhl 
25+ years of experience, Powerskating and Freelance Figure Skating Coach; NCCP Level 3 Certified Theory & Technical, Certified CanPowerskate Course Instructor
Jennifer Kaestner  $7.50 per 15 min
6 years of coaching experience, NCCP Level 1 Certified, NCCP Level 3 Technical, Gold Skills, Gold Interpretive, Gold Dance, Senior Silver Freeskate
Available Monday Wednesday and Sunday
Brian Gula  
$12.50 per 15 min
22 years of coaching experience, NCCP Level 2 Certified, Level 3 Theory and Technical, Gold Freeskate, Diamond Dance, Gold Interpretive Dance, Novice Competive
 Available Thursday
 Ivan Havranek
$12.50 per 15 min
NCCP Level 3 Certified Freeskate, Level 2 Pairs and Dance, Member of World & Olympic Teams, Triple Gold Medalist & Diamond Dances, Junior Competitive Freeskate, Senior Competitive Dance, Czech Master Test
Availability Sun, Wed
Lisa Radobenko
$10.00 per 15 min
25+ Years of coaching experience, NCCP Level 2 Certified for singles & synchro, NCCP Level 3 technical, CanPower certified
Available Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday


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