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The Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating Championships are the annual national invitational championships for adult competitors. Attracting up to 550 singles skaters, pair skaters, ice dancers and synchronized skaters and their families, as well as coaches and officials, the event provides opportunities for competitive and personal growth, the possibility of meeting skaters from across Canada in a competitive and social atmosphere, and the prospect of experiencing Canada’s cultural diversity through the exploration of the area hosting the Championships.

The Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating Championships have been hosted by Skate Canada previously, in the following cities:

2013 – Kamloops, British Columbia

2012 – Charlottetown, PEI

2011 – Sarnia, Ontario (first community hosted event)

2010 – Ottawa, Ontario

2009 – Fredericton, New Brunswick

2008 – Brampton, Ontario

2007 – Calgary, Alberta

2006 – Ottawa, Ontario

2005 – Charlottetown, PEI

2004 – Burnaby, British Columbia

The bid process and site selection for the Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating Championships will be managed by the Skate Canada Events Department.


The Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating Championships are open for bidding by all interested Local Organizing Committees (LOC). A tentative draft schedule for this event is included in this information package.

The Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating Championships are the property of Skate Canada. As such, Skate Canada will generally oversee all aspects of the Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating Championships but will, by written agreement, delegate the organization, management, and execution of the competition to the LOC. By signing the Hosting Agreement, the LOC agrees to abide by the conditions outlined in the Agreement in addition to complying with the most recent version of the Skate Canada Rule Book including any changes and/or updates.

The LOC is defined as a Skate Canada Section, Region or Club, a Convention and Visitors Bureau, a Sports Commission, or another event hosting body or any combination of these organizations. The LOC will serve as the local hosts of the Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating Championships under the guidance of Skate Canada.

Following the selection of a LOC and host city, a team including one or more Skate Canada staff members, the LOC Chair and designated volunteer committee chairs will present the event under the terms of the Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating Championships Hosting Agreement.



·  Demonstrated commitment and ability to host a national adult figure skating championship event abiding by all rules, regulations and specified terms of delivery of Skate Canada, including but not limited to signing and adhering to the Skate Canada Hosting Agreement and respecting Skate Canada’s national sponsorships’/title sponsor’s requirements and obligations.

·  Accessibility to the city by air and car.

·  Ability to generate an adequate volunteer contingent to staff all competition committees.

·  Successful event management experience including but not limited to the following:

-  Skate Canada Sectional and/or Regional competitions

·  Financial support to help offset competition expenses, either through value-in-kind (e.g. hospitality, meals, office supplies) or cash contributions from the local community.

·  Utilization of the official event title and logo in all marketing and promotional efforts by the LOC.

·  Promotion of the event within the host community and region through locally focused press releases, local sponsorship packages, etc.

·  Provision of a post-event report that includes, but is not limited to statistical information including economic impact on the host community.


1.  Exclusive use of two ice surfaces is required, preferably in one facility.

2.  Ice surface size: 85' x 200' (NHL) or 100’ x 200’ (Olympic)

3.  Seating: 1500 seats in Main Competition Arena

4.  Arena appearance:

a)  Glass/net removal/raising: Removal of glass and netting in areas including but not limited to the area around the judges stand and additional assigned locations for photographer, videographer and webcast operator.

b)  Rinkboards: Possible requirement of clean rinkboards in the competition arena (free of advertising).

5.  Function rooms/areas: Space for a minimum of 6 working rooms/areas preferably on event level (back-of-house) plus 4 dressing rooms (6 during synchronized events - may require temporary construction).

6.  Ability to sell Skate Canada and/or event merchandise onsite and adherence to all requirements as outlined in the Hosting Agreement.

7.  High speed internet line(s) used by the assigned data specialists for uploading and sending results.

8.  Ability to construct and install officials stand as described in the Officials Seating Area Diagram (Illustration A).



1.  Bedrooms: Minimum 300 rooms per night for three nights available at hotels within close proximity to one another and the competition venue (not more than 15 minutes by car).

2.  Meeting Rooms: Complimentary access to three meeting rooms at the designated official hotel for the event in order to schedule all functions surrounding the competition.


1.  The LOC will develop the final expense and revenue budget for the Championships.

2.  All entry fees will be collected at the Skate Canada National Office and transferred to the LOC as of the close of entries (February 15 of the stated calendar year).

SAMPLE: 2012 Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating Championships Entry Fees

Suggested Adult Entry Fee  
First singles event (free skate, interpretive) $155.
Additional singles events: (free skate, interpretive) $80.
First pairs or ice dance event $175. ($87.50 per skater)
Additional pairs or ice dance events $95. ($47.50 per skater)
Synchronized skating team fee $130.
Synchronized skating fee per skater $25.


3.  The LOC should budget for 40 Skate Canada qualified officials (included but not limited to Technical Representative, judges, referees, technical panel, data specialists, announcing and music technicians).

4.  The expenses must include travel, meals, transportation, and lodging for the officials and the overall cost of both the competition and practice venues (including rent and staffing).

5.  All social functions and parties are optional. If held, they are at the expense of the LOC. Ideally, these functions should be fully sponsored to eliminate an expense of the LOC.

6.  All competitors and one designated coach per competitor (must be current member of Skate Canada as well as have met mandated NCCP certification requirements) are entitled to receive free accreditation.

7.  The LOC will retain all revenue generated from local cash sponsorships procured solely by the organizing committee.

8.  The LOC will retain all revenue generated from community/government grants unless those grants are applied for and obtained by Skate Canada National Office in which case the National Office shall retain 20% of the value of the grant.

9.  Provide final reporting to the Skate Canada National Office within 3 months of the event.


Skate Canada is accepting bid proposals from applicant host communities upon submission of the following items:

1.  Letter of Intent
This letter acts as the host community’s intent to prepare and submit Phase 1 of the Application. See template provided.

2.  Phase 1 of the Application Form
Complete and submit the information required on the Application to Organize and Host – Phase 1 including the Terms of Agreement (Appendix A) and Arena Management Advertising Waiver (Appendix B). The application provides basic information regarding the host city, venue, hotel and transportation access as well as the preliminary agreed upon terms between the host venue and the local organizing committee.
NOTE: The application will not be accepted without a signed Terms of Agreement from the arena facility that guarantees availability

3.  Site Visit
At this time a site visit may be conducted by National Office staff and a representative from the LOC. As a minimum the site visit will include the arena facility and potential hotel(s).

4.  Short-listed cities confirmed and provided with Phase 2 of the Application
Phase 2 of the Application should outline a host plan, which will serve as a guide for the organization, execution and financing of the event. Submission of the completed Phase 2 of application form is required to be considered as a potential host.

The host plan must include the following information:

Appendix C - Preliminary Budget Worksheet
Preliminary budget and financial forecast reflecting in general terms, all potential revenues and expenditures associated with the staging of the event.

Appendix D - LOC Leadership Team
Proposed organizational chart naming the Local Organizing Committee members.

Appendix E - Public Relations Plan
Public relations plan focusing on local promotion of the event through press releases, community awareness and involvement, etc.

Appendix F - Local Sponsorship Opportunities Template
Outline of a local sponsorship plan including a proposed local sponsor package that will be offered to local businesses and potential supporters.

Appendix G
LOC must acknowledge that no local sponsors of the Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating Championships will conflict with Skate Canada national sponsors or their respective product categories.

Appendix H
The LOC must acknowledge and agree that they will cooperate and comply with all Skate Canada directives as outlined in the Hosting Agreement.


The LOC must acknowledge and agree that they will cooperate and comply with all Skate Canada directives as outlined in the Hosting Agreement (Appendix H)



Competition dates

March 27-29, 2015
or April 3-5, 2015

March 25-27, 2016
or April 1-3, 2016

Bid Information available online

November 2012

November 2012

Letter of Intent: [Submission to Donna Keough, Skate Canada Events Department, by email to]

October 1, 2013

October 1, 2013

Phase 1 deadline

November 1, 2013

November 1, 2013

Phase 2 deadline

February 1, 2014

February 1, 2014

Finalize and sign Hosting Agreement

May 2014

May 2014

Announcement of successful bid

By Summer 2014

By Summer 2014


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