It’s hard to believe that in just a few weeks this year’s skating season will be winding down for many of our clubs and members. The good news is that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of skating experiences till the fall.

With our Annual Convention and General Meeting & National Coaches Conference in Vancouver May 23-26 in Vancouver and our 125th Anniversary celebrations, there will be many more exciting chances to experience and share our sport with other people in skating’s mighty volunteer and coaching army.

What’s so attractive and compelling about joining us for this year’s festivities? In honor of our 13 Skate Canada Sections across Canada, here’s a countdown of the Top 13 reasons to come to the 2012 ACGM & NCC in Vancouver:

13.   Making new friends and visiting with old ones

12.   The Sheraton-Wall Centre hospitality

11.   Cruising the harbour at sunset

10.   Shopping on Robson Street

9.   Seminars conducted by Olympic coach Marina Zoueva

8.   Rolling out the Red Carpet for Award winners

7.   Dancing to an ABBA tribute band

6.   Christy Krall presenting NCC Keynote

5.   Discovering new ideas to help your club and your skaters grow

4.   Playing skating trivia during “The Skating Family Feud”

3.   Celebrating 125 years of Skate Canada – Happy Birthday Skate Canada!

2.   Meeting Patrick Chan

1.   It’s VANCOUVER!

Hope we see you at this year’s exciting event!

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