Who We Are


Inspiring all Canadians to embrace the joy of skating.


Skate Canada will have a continuing legacy of champions and be recognized as a leader in the delivery of skating programs.


Our values help define how we behave, what we value as an organization and build common understanding between members, clubs and sections across the skating community.

Healthy Lifestyle

Skating instills a love of physical activity that ontributes to the health and happiness of all who participate.

Life Skills

Goal-setting, discipline, perseverance, and lessons about competing with integrity, winning fairly and losing gracefully are skills that are valuable in all aspects of life.

Building Community

Pursuing learning and reaching goals in the company of others creates a sense of community and a willingness to give back to one’s larger community.


The collaborating process between coach and athlete, instructor and skater, ice and movement is integral to innovative physical and aesthetic self-expression.


Excellence is being the best skater, competitor, coach, official, administrator or leader you can be.

Association Profile

Skate Canada is the largest figure skating governing body in the world. We provide standards and rules for the figure skating activities of our members. The Association qualifies and appoints judges, referees and other officials, conducts training seminars for skaters and coaches, provides financial support to national team athletes and disseminates information concerning figure skating to the general public. Skate Canada also promotes the National Coaching Certification Program and organizes free skating and synchronized team skating competitions and the annual Skate Canada International. From time to time Skate Canada also hosts selected ISU skating events.


Skate Canada’s Board of Directors is made up of 14 elected and appointed volunteers from across Canada. The Chief Executive Officer will act as the ex-officio taking the board total to 15. Policy and direction are established by the board of directors and communicated to the sections from the national office. The board meets throughout the year and major policy decisions are taken to the wider membership of the association through Skate Canada’s Annual General Meeting.


To make organization and administration easier, Skate Canada is divided into 13 Sections roughly equivalent to the Canadian provinces. The exception is Ontario which is broken down into four Sections because of its size. Yukon Territory is administered by the British Columbia Section and Nunavut and Northwest Territories are administered by the Alberta Section. The chairman of each Section has a seat on Skate Canada's Board of Directors.


Skate Canada is largely self-supporting with revenues coming from individual membership fees, test fees, television rights, corporate sponsorships, competition revenues and from the federal government.

Annual Convention and General Meeting

Each year an Annual Convention and General Meeting (ACGM) is held. Many of the major decisions governing the activities of the Association are made at the ACGM. Each Skate Canada member club is entitled to send an official delegate to this meeting where proposed rule amendments are voted on by the Delegates and the Board of Directors. Clubs unable to send a delegate can still vote on issues by sending in written instructions called proxies.

Volunteer Recognition

Perhaps the most striking feature of Skate Canada's organizational structure is its reliance on volunteers. All members of the Board, the Sections and Committees receive no payment for their contribution to Skate Canada. Similarly, the judges, referees and other officials are all volunteers and as such, receive no remuneration for their hard work and dedication. Each year at the ACGM, the commitment and dedication of volunteers is recognized at a Volunteer Awards celebration.

National Office

Skate Canada 's national office is located at 865 Shefford Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1J 1H9 and has a full-time staff of approximately 50.



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