(June 1, 2009) – Canada’s adult skaters will begin to return home this week as the 2009 ISU International Adult Competition in Oberstdorf, Germany wrapped up on Sunday May 31st. There were a total of 35 Canadian skaters registered for the events in the singles, pair and ice dance disciplines – and they did amazing! In addition to personal best performances, there were deep edges, perfect timing and Canadian pride with each skate. The event was hosted by the Deutsche Eislauf-Union at the Eislaufzentrum (also known as the Ice Dome) and saw over 200 skaters representing over 20 countries.

If you missed the Canadian entry list we posted a few weeks ago, click here

We would like to congratulate all our Canadian skaters on a great performance and their commendable results.  In addition to the nine gold finishes, 10 silver and five bronze, Canadian skaters also ranked highly off the podium!

Bronze Compulsory Dance- Lori Griffith & Thomas Ray 5th place
Gold Compulsory Dance - Diana Barkley & Geoff Squires 5th place
Silver & Bronze Ladies I Artistic Free - Axelle Gunsett 2nd place, Alison Parker 7th place
Silver & Bronze Ladies II Artistic Free - Cathy Taylor 8th place
Silver & Bronze Ladies III Artistic Free - Nancy Whiteford 1st place, Cheyenne Irving 2nd place

Silver & Bronze Ladies IV Artistic Free - Noreen Ulinder 1st place, Barbara Tkach 3rd place, Michelle Lamothe & Linda Maundrell tied 6th place
Silver Men III Free - Bruce Malanka 2nd place, Don Murray 3rd place
Silver Men IV Free - Denis LaRochelle 2nd place
Gold Ladies III Free - Cheyenne Irving 1st place, Gloria Purvey 2nd place
Silver & Bronze Men III Artistic Free - Don Murray 2nd place
Silver & Bronze Men IV Artistic - Denis LaRochelle 1st place

Ice Dancing Gold Original Dance - Diana Barkley & Geoff Squires 1st place
Silver Ladies I Free - Axelle Gunsett 10th place
Bronze ladies IV Free - Noreen Ulinder 1st place
Bronze Ladies II Free - Cathy Taylor 5th place, Helene Decelles 9th place
Masters & Gold Ladies II Artistic Free - Lynette Hughes 1st place
Masters & Gold Ladies III Artistic Free - Janet Dabner, 2nd place, Gloria Purvey 3rd place
Silver Ladies IV Free Barbara Tkach - 1st place, Michelle Lamonthe 3rd place
Pairs Free Catherine Barr & Bruce Malanka 4th place

Bronze Ladies I Free - Alison Parker 7th place
Master Ladies III - Janet Dabner 2nd place
Master Ladies II Free - Lynette Hughes 2nd place
Master Ladies I Free - Jessica Wolff 1st place, Jennifer Soeder 3rd place
Ice Dance Gold Free Dance - Diana Barkley & Geoff Squires 1st place
Ice Dance Masters Free - Kristina Ruzhynska & Bruce Malanka 2nd place

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