February 6, 2009

The Look

By: Pj Kwong

This week at the ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships I have been struck by the modern look of skating. The athletes are sleek, strong and polished; presenting a look of confidence that I am sure they don’t always feel.

For me, the best skating is when a skater can magically transform themselves using the three anchors of concept, choreography and costuming to showcase their skating.  The more innovative the idea, the better I like it. When you can really make me believe in something you’ve created as a skater, I am charmed.  Take the outstanding free dance performance to selections from “Samson and Dalila” of the newly crowned Four Continents’ Ice Dance champions from the United States, Meryl Davis and Charlie White. The mood they cast was spellbinding; beautifully expressing a love story through movement woven perfectly into the fabric of the music.

My favourite though had to be the look of all of those spectators in the seats who had come to watch eventual ladies Four Continents champion Yu-Na Kim from Korea.  This event in Vancouver profited from the endless press coverage about the rivalry between Kim and defending world champion from Japan, Mao Asada and the spectators came in droves. It was thrilling to hear the thunderous applause from knowledgeable fans and almost as loud as the “good old days”.  

I am confident that fifty-two and a half weeks from now when I come back for the Olympic Games the noise will be even more deafening.

It was also a treat to look into the crowd during the medals ceremony for the Ladies, when the Pacific Coliseum’s lights were down low, and see the flash from hundreds of cameras trying to capture the moment.

I will be back with lots more from the rink tomorrow as it’s

All Eyes on Skating

from here in Vancouver and the men’s free skate.  I want to remind you that for those of you new to Artistry and out for a new look, check out the website and make use of the 15% discount they are offering first time customers.

As always, you can reach me at pjkwong@skatecanada.ca.


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