February 8, 2009


By: Pj Kwong

The beginning of the week at the ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Vancouver seems like a long time ago now. It started me thinking about the passage of time and how at some points in your life, hours feel like moments and at others, minutes can feel like hours.

Patrick Chan, Canada’s two-time national champion captured the title here and while he waited for his marks, there was a shot on the monitor of Evan Lysacek from the United States backstage waiting.  Evan had a wonderful skate at the very beginning of the final warm-up group and was the leader through two more skaters. His own four and half minute program flew by very quickly for me, whereas I am sure, with anticipation and nerves, Patrick’s did not have the same effect on him. The good news, Evan Lysacek earned a silver medal and by all accounts, his 10th ISU medal.

Time is a funny thing in skating. If you take too much or too little time to do something you get told about it one way or another.  When it’s your turn and you’re all alone on the ice competing and it isn’t going well, it can feel interminable.  I am pretty sure, although have not had it confirmed officially, that competition organizers are so adamant about closing the gate during a program so that skaters can’t escape.

No need for escape today when Jeremy Ten and fellow Canadian team mate Vaughn Chipeur skated back to back in the second last group. Both programs were highlights in the men’s event and worthy of the standing ovations they received. It’s about time.

This is the final

All Eyes on Skating

from here in Vancouver but I will be back with lots more news from Los Angeles and Worlds in March.  In the meantime, I want to remind you that for those of you new to Artistry. Check out the website and make use of the 15% discount they are offering first time customers.

As always, you can reach me at pjkwong@skatecanada.ca.


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