Skate Canada Board of Directors – 2014-15

Skate Canada’s Board of Directors is made up of 14 elected and appointed volunteers from across Canada. The Chief Executive Officer will act as the ex-officio taking the board total to 15. Policy and direction are established by the board of directors and communicated to the sections from the national office. The board meets throughout the year and major policy decisions are taken to the wider membership of the association through Skate Canada’s Annual General Meeting.

Board of Directors

Position Term Executive Member
President 2013-2015 Leanna Caron Switzerland
Past President 2013-2015 Benoit Lavoie Beauport, QC
Director 2014-2016 Kristy Balkwill Toronto, ON
Director 2013-2015 Karen Butcher Greely, ON
Director (Ontario Region) 2014-2015 Traci Fong Kirkland Lake, ON
Director 2014-2016 Rod Garossino Calgary, AB
Director 2014-2016 Leslie Keen Vancouver, BC
Director (Coaching) 2013-2015 Monica Lockie Keswick, ON
Director (Western Region) 2014-2015 Lorraine Mapoles Kelowna, BC
Director 2014-2015 Mary Ellen McDonald Winnipeg, MB
Director (Eastern Region) 2014-2015 Bev Power Labrador City, NL
Director 2013-2015 Sally Rehorick Vancouver, BC
Director (Quebec Region) 2014 -2015 Sylvie Simard St-Jean-Chrysostome, QC
Director (Athlete Rep.) 2013-2015 Shae Zukiwsky Toronto, ON

Section Chairs

Section Chair  
BC/Yukon Lorraine Mapoles West Kelowna, BC
Alberta/NWT/Nunavut Sharon Dingle Calgary, AB
Saskatchewan Margaret Auringer Maidstone, SK
Manitoba Donna Yee St. Andrews, MB
Northern Ontario Traci Fong Kirkland Lake, ON
Western Ontario Brenda VanEngelen Watford, ON
Central Ontario Paul Cotter Alliston, ON
Eastern Ontario Gloria Brighten Kanata, ON
Quebec Sylvie Simard Laval, QC
New Brunswick Marc Robichaud Dieppe, NB
Nova Scotia Ross Ashbourne Dartmouth, NS
Prince Edward Island Amy MacMillan York, PE
Newfoundland/Labrador Bev Power Labrador City, NL

Skate Canada Board Members may be contacted at:

Skate Canada Standing (Board) Committees

CEO Operational Review Committee   Governance Committee
Leanna Caron, Chair   Steve Scherrer, Chair
Bill Boland   Leanna Caron
Karen Butcher   Benoît Lavoie
Benoît Lavoie   Debbie MacMurdo
Debbie MacMurdo   Lorraine Mapoles
    Mary Ellen McDonald
External Relations Committee   Juliet O'Brien
Benoît Lavoie, Chair   Sylvie Simard
Leanna Caron    
Patricia Chafe   Membership Policy Committee
Rod Garossino   Debbie MacMurdo, Chair
Shae Zukiwsky   Gloria Brighten
    Craig Buntin
Finance & Risk Management Committee   Monica Lockie
Bill Boland, Chair   Lorraine Mapoles
Paul Cotter   Bev Power
Mary Ellen McDonald   Sally Rehorick
Wayne Sutherland   Sylvie Simard
Jim Virtue    

Skate Canada Operational (CEO) Committees

Athlete Fund & Alumni Committee   Officials Development Committee
Rod Garossino, Chair   Beth Crane, Chair
Bill Boland   André-Marc Allain
Marcus Christensen   Laura Carr
Benoît Lavoie   Sharon Dahl
Ann Shaw   Debbie Islam
Celina Stipanic, Staff Lead   Raoul LeBlanc
    Jeff Lukasik
Coaching Development Committee   Sabrina Wong
Monica Lockie, Chair   Jeff Partrick, Staff Lead
Laurene Collin-Knoblauch    
Cathy Dalton   Sections Coordinating Committee
Paul MacIntosh   Steve Scherrer, Chair
Jason Mongrain   Ross Ashbourne
Megan Svistovski   Marg Auringer
Mary Liz Wiley   Gloria Brighten
Josée Bourdon, Staff Lead   Leanna Caron
    Paul Cotter
Hall of Fame & Heritage Committee   Sharon Dingle
Ann Shaw, Chair   Miranda Edwards
Bill Boland   Traci Fong
Frances Dafoe-Bogin   Linda LeBlanc
Diane Imrie   Amy MacMillan
Benoît Lavoie   Lorraine Mapoles
Dorothy Leamen   Bev Power
Manon Perron   Sylvie Simard
Sally Rehorick   Norm Proft, Staff Lead
Emery Leger, Staff Lead    
    Officials Assignment & Promotion Committee
High Performance Development Committee   Jodi Abbott, Chair
Shae Zukiwsky, Chair   André-Marc Allain
Lee Barkell   Marie Bowness
Andrea Derby   Sylvain Guibord
Sylvain Guibord   Karen Howard
Joanne McLeod   Carolyn McEwen
Monica Lockie   Karen Robertson
Brian Orser   Krista Sellers
Cynthia Ullmark   Ann Shaw
Josée Bourdon, Staff Lead   Jeff Partrick, Staff Lead
Skating Programs Development Committee   Strategic Planning Steering Committee
Reaghan Fawcett, Chair   Dan Thompson, Chair
Joanne Godin   Leanna Caron
Brett Hines   Rod Garossino
Janice Hunter   Benoît Lavoie
Monica Lockie   Monica Lockie
Aaron Lowe   Steve Scherrer
Kathy Mackowski   Shae Zukiwsky
Scott Rachuk    
Donna King, Staff Lead    

Skate Canada Committee Chairs can be contacted at:

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