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Coach Profiles

Georgina Ball, Assistant Coach

Georgina Ball started synchronized skating in 2001 and joined ESSC in 2005. She joined the ESSC coaching team in 2008 and has coached synchro teams at the Juvenile and Adult level. She has 17 years of coaching experience and is NCCP Level II Certified in Singles, Synchro and Dance and is CanPowerskate Certified. She is a 2006 National Silver Medalist in Synchronized Skating. Georgina graduated from Grant MacEwan College in 2000 with a Rehabilitation Practitioner Diploma. Georgina is currently administering ESSC’s CanSkate program and supports the coaching team whenever needed.

Alyssa Sherwin, Assistant Coach
Alyssa Sherwin is a Primary STARSkate Trained coach. With over 18 years experience in Synchronized Skating, Alyssa has competed at the local, national and international level. For the past 2 years, Alyssa has been assisting with the ESSC Beginner team, as well as coaching with our CanSkate program. Off the ice, Alyssa works as a Physical Therapist at the Grey Nuns Hospital, having received her degree from the University of Alberta. This year, Alyssa will be coaching Ice Dream and the Icicles, ESSC’s Beginner and Juvenile teams.