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Cypress School of Skating

On April 29, 1987, a determined group of parents with high ideals met at the home of Clarence and Mary Anne Wist and elected a President – Mrs. Maureen Elliot and Board of Directors. The name “Cypress School of Skating” was chosen and forty skaters were found to join the club. An application for C.F.S.A. Membership was submitted.

With zero dollars on our books; several bottle drives, garage sales, craft and bake sales had us busier off the ice than on! The proceeds enabled us to set up pur first summer skating school. The month of July was spent in Redcliff, then continued at the Medicine Hat Arena in August.

A fall school was organized in September, utilizing ice in Redcliff and Irvine.

The 1987-88 Winter Season kicked off on October 5th in the newly twinned Kinplex II. Additional ice for seniors was booked in Bow Island on Sundays. Two full-time coaches were employed; Gay Patzer and Mike Hutchinson. Mary Jean Rath and Charissa Wist were part-time. In mid-October, Mike and his family moved to Newfoundland.

Before our first Ice Show rolled around in February, Olymp-Ice ’88, we had 180 skaters on board.

Many long hours were spent by Club President, Maureen Elliot and after a lot of red tape and much letter writing, our permanent membership status became a reality in spring of 1989.

We have since experienced a steady growth and are truly apprecative to our founding Executive and Board of Directors for their dedication, positive attitude and enthusiam.

Without them, the Cypress School of Skating would not have the solid foundation and great spirit we know today.

A bouquet to you all!!



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