(March 19, 2009) – As I sit here counting down the days to the ISU World Figure Skating Championships taking place in Los Angeles, California, I get more and more excited about what’s coming and you should too!

Pj’s Top 10 Reasons to Call in Sick March 24th – March 29th during Worlds:

  1. On CBC BOLD and online at cbcsports.ca you will see EVERY skater LIVE in every discipline as well as the medals and opening ceremonies!
  1. We are planning special “skating aficionado” guests who will be ready to answer your e-mail questions and talk to you and me about the skating.
  1. I will be unveiling Pj’s Podium Picks at the start of each event and will be looking to see who’s with me and whether or not I will be “eating crow” as 2009 World Champions are crowned
  1. You get to watch “the best bits” all over again every night on the main CBC network with Kurt Browning, Tracy Wilson, Scott Russell and Brenda Irving (check your local schedule)
  1. My blog, Artistry on Ice, will get delivered (ok written) overnight ready and fresh for the next day’s competition and can be found right here on www.skatecanada.ca
  1. You can email me during the event at sportsweekend@cbc.ca and for the first time we will be using the “Cover It Live” chat feature online at www.cbcsports.ca at various times during the competition where you can participate in live chat with me and each other during the skating.
  1. You will see the Worlds Exhibition Gala live online as it happens
  1. We are going to give you a countdown in each event of when our Canadian skaters will be skating and keep you up to date on standings.
  1. This year’s Worlds will determine how many representatives each country will be sending to next year’s Worlds AND the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

The number ONE reason to take the week off for figure skating and hang out with me:

  1.  It will be just like being there only better, as the seats at your house are way more comfortable and beverages and snacks tastier, fresher and cheaper!.

Talk about March Madness!

You’re not going to want to miss a thing with Canada’s team the strongest it has been in a very long time.

All of the action starts Tuesday, March 24th and goes until Sunday, March 29.

Make sure you check out artistry for details of the 15% discount on purchases made from their website during Worlds. Remember to check right here at www.skatecanada.ca for another installment of Artistry on Ice tomorrow.

See you then!




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